High-quality legal service to be introduced by a firm understanding of corporateness requires taking care of and being sensitive about every client without any discrimination. Financial value of disagreement, ethnical and religious identity and social status should not be a criterion for the attention to be paid to the client.


The baseless legal solutions produced with a subjective point of view are short-lived whereas the solutions to the legal disputes, which are produced with an objective point of view, are purpose-oriented, far from spinning a yarn. Legal service is the ability to prefer the existing benefit, sometimes to seek peace or sometimes to avoid the unfavourable consequences of delaying justice.


Transparency is a crucial part of our business that we began with a view to delivering Quality Legal services. Law relies on existing realities. Promises and fantasies are just like the words bursting like bubbles and are never included in the court decisions.


Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.


Murat Ural Law Office has been providing its domestic and international customers with support for their legal problems through a different perspective and a determined approach.

This office gives priority to understand its clients’ legal expectations and to make right decisions to solve their disputes. In this context the term ‘solution’ refers not necessarily to presenting a dispute to the proper judicial authority, but to developing various solutions from clients’ point of view to provide them with the benefits they expect.

Our principle of protective legal counseling is to take the measures and to make the decisions needed before any damage is suffered and before a dispute arises.

Murat Ural Legal and Counseling Office provides counseling services in general in real estate law, company law, commerce and contract law, banking and financial law, labor and social security law, intellectual property law, family law, and debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, and supports its clients at every stage of their investments or projects.

We especially develop solutions and provide legal support for disputes which our Arabian clients face in this country, and provide them with legal opinion on their investments.

This office provides legal services in Turkish, Arabic and English



Follow-up and execution of contested divorce cases

Preparation of protocol in uncontested divorces and management of the process

Management of the settlement of assets

Providing legal support regarding the cases for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and maintenance payment

Lodging the necessary applications to the Family Court under the Law on the Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence against Women

Resolving the disputes arising from the termination of engagement

Settlement of disputes arising from adoption

Prosecution of paternity cases

Producing legal remedies against infringement of terms of custody and maintenance payment

Providing consultancy services on the assets contracts to be signed between the parties to be married

Resolution of all disputes being heard at the Family Courts.

Collection of bank’s receivables

Preparation of financial leasing and factoring transactions

Transactions for the collection of loan file charges

Law of Islamic Finance

Inspection and regulation of loan contracts

Complaint and indictment transaction to initiate criminal proceedings; pursing criminal cases as the attorney of the complainant and intervening party

Representing the complainants or suspects during the law enforcement and prosecution stages in criminal proceedings

Providing defence, legal assistance and support in criminal cases as the attorney of the suspects and defendants.

Lodging applications to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights and also other services are provided.

Providing consultancy services regarding the trademark, patent, industrial design and utility model rights, and pursuing the cases arising from disputes

Regular inspection of trademark, industrial design and patents bulletins; informing the clients and raising objections.

Performing the search / seizure, confiscation and busting procedures for the protection of intellectual property rights; confiscating the false goods at customs; obtaining preliminary injunction from the courts

Preparation and negotiation of assignment and license agreements on Intellectual Property Rights


Investigation of pirated, imitation and unauthorized use

Preventing misuse/abuse of trade secrets

Providing consultancy services on intellectual property rights in mergers, acquisitions

Preparation of license agreements and providing consultation services in the negotiations to grant/obtain a licence

Preparing the franchising, distribution, procurement and various contracts of client companies, in a manner to protect their intellectual property rights.

Follow-up of the real estate purchase and sale transactions of the domestic and foreign, natural and legal persons in Turkey; registration transactions as well as preparing the rental contracts for the properties

Preparation of preliminary sales contract and construction agreements in return for flat; settlement of legal disputes between the contractors and land owners within the scope of the contract of work

Obtaining the construction permit and residence permit and lodging the applications at the relevant public bodies in an effort to obtain such permits

Follow-up of the cases arising from the violation of property rights

Determining the rental fee arising from rental contracts and follow-up of the actions for evacuation and the actions for adequate pay (illegal occupation)

Lawsuits and other cases arising from the defective or incomplete construction of real property

Legal issues especially within the scope of the Law on the Transformation of Areas under Disaster Risk (Urban Transformation Act), which is widely used.

Actions for the Severance of Joint Tenancy (Suit of Partition)

Execution and bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of receivables

Suspension of bankruptcy

Execution proceedings for the commercial bills (Checks, bonds, policies) and the execution of cases of objection and the action for annulment of objection.

Execution of restitution and negative declaratory actions

Settlement of disputes arising from the loan agreements of the banks

Debt settlement negotiations between the debtor or creditor clients and the other party and secure such peaceful agreements upon protocols.

Follow-up of legal and actual possessory actions with the presence of expropriation, from the application to be lodged at the administration until the finalization of the action.

Lawsuits regarding the cancellation of unlawful administrative proceedings

Exhaustion of administrative remedies and following up the reconciliation processes

Litigation and resolution of disputes

Lodging all kinds of administrative applications and raising objections

Actions for responsibility of the administration and compensation

Cases arising from administrative contracts

Disputes and remedies as regards Zoning Law and actions for reconstruction

Providing legal advice and advocacy services on the issues, such as the disputes and remedies related to Municipality Law.

Counselling on individual labour law and employment

Claims for compensation

Reemployment lawsuit

Declaratory action

Preparation of labour contracts

Occupational health and Safety

Social security law

Obtaining work permits and residence permits

Professional requirements and rules

Consultation in negotiations

Preparation of contracts

Review and examination of contracts

Consultations in the contracts

Filing actions in case of disputes

Carrying out the establishment, dissolution and type change transactions for the companies

Preparation of the Articles of Association for the Companies

Company mergers / acquisitions (M & A) transactions

Conducting the Company’s General Assembly Meetings

Cancellation of General Assembly resolutions

Capital increases / reductions

Consultancy within the scope of capital market legislation

Consultancy on the prevention of unfair competition, and consumer legislation

Share transfers

Transactions related to stocks and bonds

Due Diligence reporting

All kinds of lawsuits and follow-ups at the commercial courts.

Purchase and Sale Contracts

Preparation of pre-paid home contracts and the settlement of legal disputes between the consumer and the contractor and management of the process

Follow-up of the cases at the consumer courts

Resolution of disputes arising from defective/faulty goods or services

Lodging the application to the Arbitration Committee For Consumer and the Provincial Arbitration Committee and follow-up of the decisions

Settlement negotiations between the seller and the buyer and securing the settlement process with a protocol

Follow-up of all legislation in the field of consumer law.

Making necessary applications and carrying out necessary procedures in an effort to enjoy various exemptions and exceptions prescribed for the foreigners, especially follow-up of the administrative procedures regarding VAT exemption

Carrying out and following up the necessary procedures for the foreigners to acquire Turkish Citizenship

Lodging, following up and finalizing the applications of residence permit and extension of residence permit, for the foreigners willing to live in Turkey,

Lodging, following up and finalizing the applications for those willing to renounce Turkish Citizenship upon the decision of authorised bodes, under the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901,

Lodging, following up and finalizing the applications of work permit, extension of work permit for the foreigners planned to be employed in Turkey, including the foreigners to be employed by the legal persons subject to Foreign Direct Investment Law.


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